How to Enjoy a Sumptuous Meal Without Digestive Discomfort

How to Enjoy a Sumptuous Meal Without Digestive Discomfort

Most people believe that if they want to enjoy a sumptuous meal, they have to suffer through digestive discomfort later and feel uneasy about it. But this doesn't have to be the case. You can still enjoy it even if you overeat even without having to feel uneasy as long as you know how to mitigate potential discomfort.

Have no idea what to do? Well, we have a few simple tips to offer so you can enjoy your meal without any problems. We don't have to be miserable to be satisfied and happy.

Importance of Chewing Your Food Properly

How to Enjoy a Sumptuous Meal Without Digestive Discomfort

One of the main reasons why people experience digestive discomfort is because they don't chew their food properly. When you don't chew your food properly, your digestive system has to work harder to break down the food.

This can lead to indigestion, heartburn, splenic flexure syndrome, and other problems. So make sure you take the time to chew your food properly. Not only will it help with your digestion, but it will also make your foodie experience worthwhile! This guide on the right way to chew your food will help you, and other benefits are also listed there for more proof.


Drinking Plenty of Water Before and After Meal

How to Enjoy a Sumptuous Meal Without Digestive Discomfort

Another important tip is to drink plenty of water before and after meals. Drink a glass of water or about 8 ounces before you eat and another glass after your meal. Then, drink again after a few hours of digestion for total flushing.

Apparently, water helps to flush out your system and can help prevent indigestion. It also regulates the amount and concentration of salts in your body, diluting them for easy excretion. Also, enough amounts of water will prevent you from getting constipated. 

Yet, drinking water isn't as easy as getting water from your source and drinking it immediately. There should be a consideration to the pH you need to break through. Since our stomach contains corrosive acid, opt for alkaline water for a healthier gut.


Strolling After Meals

How to Enjoy a Sumptuous Meal Without Digestive Discomfort

Walking a few steps after meals can aid in better digestion as it helps move food through your system and can prevent indigestion and splenic flexure syndrome. Even your blood sugar levels are regulated with just a few walks.

However, just take note to avoid too much motion like running because it would slow down your food digestion instead of catalyzing it.


Don't Smoke

How to Enjoy a Sumptuous Meal Without Digestive Discomfort

As we all know, smoking is bad for your well-being, especially in your respiratory system. Other complications you may encounter are related to or affecting blood vessels, skin, and the like. Cases like digestive interruptions and stuff are super rare.

Little did we know that smoking slows down digestion and can cause heartburn. So if you want to enjoy your meal without any digestive discomfort, simply avoid smoking. We know how hard it is to quit smoking if you're really acquainted with it. Our sole advice for that is to engage in smoke cessation treatment.


Don't Lie Down Right After Eating

How to Enjoy a Sumptuous Meal Without Digestive Discomfort

Have you ever experienced discomfort while seeking comfort in your bed after a large, sumptuous meal? It's the backlash effect of lying down on your bed while full. Paradoxical, right?

Evidently, lying down slows down digestion and the calorie-burning process. Also, this gives gravity a chance to work against you and can lead to heartburn or will cause Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) due to frequent acid reflux and a splenic flexure syndrome. 

Just wait at least an hour after eating before lying down. No need to rush because your bed won't disappear after easing your digestion. It's better to suffer for a few hours than to suffer excruciatingly forever.

Avoid Tight Clothing

How to Enjoy a Sumptuous Meal Without Digestive Discomfort

Once again, tight clothes can put pressure on your stomach, can make you feel uneasy, and slow down digestion. So make sure you avoid tight clothing, especially immediately after eating. But it's better to plan a loose-fitting outfit upon knowing you'll be having a feast after a few moments.

But when choosing proper clothes, as well as belts, make sure that it fits your belt size and doesn't constrict your abdomen area. Avoid using conventional belts because their buckles are a complete nuisance. Instead, use a more comfortable belt. It's also the best option to dwell on more elastic or garterized pants and shorts and when you use ungartered, be sure that when you wear a belt, it is your comfortable belt size.

Key Takeaway

Eating a sumptuous meal doesn't have to be followed by digestive discomfort. By following these simple tips, you can avoid unfortunate circumstances. As we repeatedly said, you don't have to be miserable to be satisfied and happy after clashing with large and sumptuous meals.

We hope all these tips are effective as you apply them in your daily routines. Check out other blogs and articles for more daily tips!

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