8 Best Overweight Tips for Clothing for Comfort and Style

8 Best Overweight Tips for Clothing for Comfort and Style

If you're overweight, you may not think twice about what clothes to wear because as long as you have something to wear, it's already okay for you. But it's essential to choose the right clothes that fit well and are comfortable and stylish at the same time. Your clothing can affect how other people view you as well as how you feel about yourself.

In this blog, we're going to discuss some overweight tips for clothing to achieve comfort and style. These tips will help you look good, feel good, and be confident about yourself.

Go for Vertical Patterns and Polka Dots

8 Best Overweight Tips for Clothing for Comfort and Style

Evidently, one way to pick the best clothes to wear when overweight is to choose the said patterns. Vertical patterns tend to hide the bulges and rolls on your body better than horizontal patterns do. Choose vertical stripes or polka dots instead of horizontal ones when possible. 

Why avoid horizontal stripes? Apparently, shirts with horizontal stripes tend to make people look wider than they actually are. The reason is that the horizontal lines create a visual illusion of a person's width. Vertical stripes and polka dots are less likely to do this. Next time you buy some clothes, look for vertical ones. If you have problems with styling, these simple ways to wear a vertical striped shirt will help you a lot.

Additionally, it's advisable to pick the best belt for men and women with these designs because it can be too crucial to pick one without any prior ideas.

Look for High-Quality Fabrics

8 Best Overweight Tips for Clothing for Comfort and Style

The definition of high-quality fabrics intended for overweight is that it's a bit stretchy. These fabric types provide more comfort and allow you to move around more easily. On the other hand, avoid synthetic fabrics, as these tend to be very itchy and uncomfortable on the skin.

Also, look for garments with hidden zippers or buttons if possible. Some clothing manufacturers make their items using flaps instead of zippers or buttons, which makes it easier for people with restricted mobility due to overweight and obesity issues.

Fabrics are also used in making cloth belts, which is a good thing also when you're searching for the best belt for men and women, especially those belts without buckle.

Choose Flattering Shoes

8 Best Overweight Tips for Clothing for Comfort and Style

Shoes that are flat or wedge-shaped are good choices for overweight people. This is because they tend to lengthen the legs and make them look slimmer. 

Look for shoes with a lower heel and pointed toe. Avoid clunky and chunky shoes, as these will make your feet look larger than they are. Remember that you aim to look slimmer, not to look larger. For more tips, here’s a detailed guide on choosing a perfect pair of shoes.

Choose V-neck or Round Neck Tops

8 Best Overweight Tips for Clothing for Comfort and Style

Evidently, wearing V-neck or round neck makes an obese person look stylish and comfier on the neck portion. The reason is that V-necks make you more flattering, as they create an illusion of having a slimmer neck. If you want to lessen the chubbiness and appearance of your double chin, choose tops with round necks. Believe me; it will help to balance out your features. 

Just make sure that the sleeves aren't too tight or too loose. A good test is to hold your arms out in front of you and see how much fabric there is between your fingers and wrists. If there are lots of gaps between your fingers, then the sleeves are too baggy. If there isn't enough space for two fingers side by side, then they're too tight. Always try various styles and sizes until you find one that fits well and makes you feel comfortable.

As being said repeatedly, your style may turn out to be very awful without considering to buy belt without buckle. That is the best option to achieve the best look with that simple clothing.

Avoid Tight or Revealing Clothing

8 Best Overweight Tips for Clothing for Comfort and Style

Tight or revealing clothing can make you look older than you are. Instead, opt for loose-fitting, comfortable clothes that flatter your figure. Even though this may appear to be the most obvious option, it's often overlooked by people who want to show off their bodies in the most flattering way possible.

Note that more relaxed clothing is trending nowadays, especially vintage ones. Grab this opportunity to get along with the trend's flow. Starting by mixing some vintage pieces into your wardrobe can be fun and give off a retro vibe. Also, look for some inspirations from Pinterest.

Wear Straight-Legged Pants

8 Best Overweight Tips for Clothing for Comfort and Style

Straight-legged pants are a classic look that can be worn at any age. They're more flattering than bootcut and flare jeans since they create an elongated shape. However, if you're new to wearing straight-legged pants, just try out some in person and assess if it fits your preference before buying.

For options like enhancing your butt's appearance, look for some dark wash straight-legged pants or jeans to finish everything. They'll accentuate your curves while creating a slimming effect. Add some stylish best belt for men and women as well. This will add spice to your style.

Don't Ignore Accessories

8 Best Overweight Tips for Clothing for Comfort and Style

Accessories are an excellent way to put some pizzazz to your outfit, as well as comfort. If you're wearing jeans, try a colorful belt or scarf. A plain white t-shirt can be transformed with a pair of funky earrings or a fantastic necklace for women. While for men, belts and suspenders would help them to spice up their outfit

But when choosing belts, be wise and choose the most practical and safe. Of course, comfort is still important, so avoid buckle belts if you're going to be sitting down a lot. Instead, try belt without buckle for minimalistic style and comfort.

Go for Dark Shades and Pastel Tones

8 Best Overweight Tips for Clothing for Comfort and Style

When it comes to outfitting color ideas for the overweight, always go for dark shades and pastel tones. The reason is that dark colors help you to achieve a slimmer look while pastels help you stand out from the crowd.

Make sure to establish a good contrast when planning for outfits with dark shades and pastel tones to achieve the best look. For example, wear black pants with a white top or an off-white color. The key to wearing dark shades and pastel tones is not to go overboard with them. Don't mix too many colors together, as this can make your outfit look busy and overwhelming.


Knowing that your weight does not define who you are is essential. You can still look good and feel confident about yourself even if you are overweight or obese. All it takes is some creativity and grit to achieve one. By following these tips above, you will be less insecure about yourself and become happier in your next life journey.

Anyway, if this blog helps you a lot, check out our list of blogs for more fashion tips and tricks, as well as other topics you'd like to learn.

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